Johnny Mundo Says He Would Love To Come Back To The WWE


During an exclusive sit-down interview with, current Lucha Underground star Johnny Mundo, stated that he would love to return to the company where he captured the; ECW Championship & became a multiple time Intercontinental & Tag-Team Champion.

Here’s what Mundo had to say:

“Will I ever go back to WWE? That’s a tough one. That’s a question I get asked most frequently and I change my answer almost every day. Um, I would love to go back, it’s the thing that I grew up watching; I grew up on action movies and pro wrestling, it’s kind of a bummer to me that I never got to main event WrestleMania, but at the same time, what I am doing now feels very important and cool. Creating Lucha Underground and being a part of that show from episode 1 and growing it into what it is now and thinking about what it could become in 3-5 years is also a really cool thing.”

“So, in wrestling it’s tough. There’s never been a time when I’ve thought about my future in wrestling and with 100% certainty said “I’m going to do this.” It’s always been more of an internal thing. Instead of saying I want to work for this company, I usually say “I wanna be this person in the ring, I wanna do these moves in the ring, I wanna carry myself like this person or have that type of swagger in the ring and that’s usually been the best way for me to think about things.”


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