Johnny Mundo Speaks On Wrestling Eli Drake At Bound For Glory, Reuniting With Joey Mercury, More


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X-PAC 12360

Lucha Underground wrestler, Johnny Mundo is the special guest this week on X-Pac 12360 and he talks about working with AAA After Taya was Stripped of Her Title

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Sean’s thoughts on Jimmy Jacobs being let go: I haven’t heard anything about ROH picking him up. But I’m not surprised in the least bit. I’m going to have to go with what Chris Jericho said about the situation. He is a really smart guy, Jimmy Jacobs. He is not so dumb where he didn’t understand what the consequences might be for taking that picture and posting it.

Johnny Mundo talks about doing sex scenes in movies: I’ve done like 15 movies now and sex scenes in movies are just not fun. Like when you are a kid and you are thinking man, Tom Cruise is hooking up with all these chicks, whish I could do that. It is not fun on camera. You are in a real awkward room ,you’re awkward, you’re sweaty, the girl is sweaty; there are a bunch of people watching. It is not as cool as it seems.

Johnny Mundo Talks About Working With AAA After Taya Was Striped Of Title: In Pro Wrestling art imitates life or life imitates art or vice versa… As far as that goes there’s a lot of complexities that I don’t want to delve into right now because it can affect a lot of things that we already have in the works. I think that’s what a lot of people thought was best for business at the time and for all the parties involved to continue to work together, that’s what was decided and everyone kind of agreed that for AAA, Lucha and Impact and me and Taya. That regardless of what we thought, that would be the best call to make.

Johnny Impact Talks About Eli Drake and Bound For Glory: I am really excited about Impact and I got Bound for Glory coming up, it’s me versus Eli Drake for the Impact title…I think that from the first taping in Orlando that I was at, to the last day; I feel like I saw his wrestling evolve. His mic work evolve, his confidence shot through the roof and he’s doing a really good job of carrying the brand of Impact on his shoulders right now. There’s a couple times we hung out and got food after the tapings and he busted his ass in the business for years and years and a lot of people don’t realize that. I can’t say enough good things about Eli Drake.

Mundo & Mercury reuniting again as MNM: Amazing! First of all, I’m jealous. He’s in better shape than I have…Did you see his abs? I was supposed to be the abs guy in the team. He’s got me beat, it was cool. I think that’s one of the cool things in wrestling. We had such a crazy career, the two of us. We we’re like best friends for 2yrs. We traveled together, we rode together, we wrestled together, like every show for 2yrs. He got let go, I stayed, he came back. We traveled together for a few months and got let go again. He came back as an agent and we had this long-term friendship.  APW,  in San Francisco, was the first time we tagged together in 10 years. It was super fun and it felt like we picked up where we left off. All the MNM references and our timing. It was cool, I look forward working with Mercury.

Johnny talks about the time he walked in on Boogeyman & Bobby Lashley in a serious chess game: I’m a huge fan of the Boogeyman, in and out of the ring. There were times where MNM would ride with Boogey and Bobby Lashley. There was one time when we were splitting the room and this was after Boogey use to split rooms with Paul London, and London use to tell us this story how Boogey wouldn’t sleep on the bed, he would sleep on the floor. He was really living the gimmick (laughs) A couple of times, he (Boogeyman) would wake up in the middle of the night (starts to do a scary laughter) super loud. We walked in the room one time; Boogeyman & Lashley were in the middle of the most epic chess game, the room smelled like gimmicks, chopping it up talking. It was really cool, cause he’s actually a really intelligent guy, a sensitive guy too. That is something that is lost because his characters so different than Marty (Boogeyman) is. Lots of respect for the Boogeyman.

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