Jon Bravo Teases John Cena’s Involvement In Steroid Ring, Explains Why Roman Reigns Video Has Been Delayed


Jon Bravo claims to have evidence that Roman Reigns, as well as several other professional wrestlers, was involved in illegal purchase/usage of steroids. He recently released the following statement:

“I am realizing that there is information here that people don’t want me knowing. Where it brings me, I’m not sure but I’m in this & it’s too late to stop now. I owe it to everyone” and another message read, “no one truly knows what goes on behind the scene when you have information that people don’t want out. I take each day as it comes and I never planned this story I fell into the story, now I have to finish it. God bless.”

He also posted the following cryptic picture of John Cena, indicating he could be involved as well:

Bravo had said he was going to release the video featuring Reigns’ involvement this week, but posted the following video explaining why it has been delayed:

“I’m re-editing the video, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple of days. One, because of cross-referencing Reigns. And second, there were statements that I didn’t have evidence for yet. So that’s why it has to be re-done and re-edited.”

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