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Jon Moxley Calls Out Tanahashi On AEW Dynamite – Gets The Attention Of Another NJPW Legend


As previously reported here on eWN, Hiroshi Tanahashi appeared on Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite (Fight for the Fallen) via video package to challenge Lance Archer. One person who was less than pleased with Tanahashi challenging Archer, is former IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley.

Moxley would appear in a backstage vignette of his own later in the show, taking shot at both Tanahashi and NJPW.

“I’m here to talk about last night, I’m sitting at the airport bar and I look up at the TV and I’m watching the Olympics, and I’m wondering ‘how the hell do the French and the Croatian water-polo teams get in Japan when I can’t?’ I’ve got business in Tokyo, my challenges are going unanswered, my contracts are being sent back unsigned, my phone calls, unanswered. Then I show up here today, and I notice that the second, the second! That I don’t have that IWGP United States Championship around my waist anymore, now you wanna put your pretty little face on TV Tanahashi. Now, you wanna show up on [AEW] Dynamite with your stupid little ponytail. You know you’ve been dodging me for months, avoiding me for months. People don’t know that do they? You know what Tanahashi… screw you! You don’t get to wrestle me, you’re dead to me. You know what I did today? I sent my boy Charlie over to FedEx with a stack about this high of contracts, I said, ‘send that to my boy in the office in Japan… and, we’ll see what happens, we’ll see what comes through “The Forbidden Door” ‘. I am the frickin Forbidden Door. You know what Tanahashi? Maybe you’re the only smart one here. Maybe, I should give you some credit. Maybe, you’ve learnt from your boy [Yuji] Nagata and, your boy [Minoru] Suzuki, exactly what happens. Because, “The Forbidden Door” might be open, but there ain’t nothing good waiting for y’all on the other side.

You can see Moxley’s full promo on AEW Dynamite below:

Moxley’s promo on AEW Dynamite also got the attention of another NJPW legend, with Satoshi Kojima taking exception to Moxley’s words. Taking to his Twitter account, Kojima said this, “Suddenly, I have something to say. Are you ready everyone? RIP Jon Moxley, he is Texas Dead”

Kojima is considered one of the finest wrestlers to ever come out of NJPW, and is a six-time world champion across various major promotions.

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