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NewsJon Moxley Comments On Using Roman Reigns’ Leukemia In WWE Storyline

Jon Moxley Comments On Using Roman Reigns’ Leukemia In WWE Storyline



Dean Ambrose, the former WWE Superstar was the guest on the latest episode of Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast. Since his departure from the company he has reverted back to his prior name before WWE, Jon Moxley.

Recently, Moxley has made the world of professional wrestling take notice with him signing to All Elite Wrestling. His debut at Double or Nothing took place after this was recorded. Moxley has also been in the headlines lately afterwards with matches being announced and a pending arrival to NJPW.

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At one point during the conversation regarding WWE’s creative, Moxley shedded some light on something he was uncomfortable with during his tenure in WWE.

Dean Ambrose cut a promo on the November 19th episode of RAW. In this promo he discussed his feud with Seth Rollins and referenced Roman Reigns’ Leukemia return.

“and we’re all gonna get what we deserve. I mean, look at Roman. For Roman’s part, for what Roman did in the Shield, he has to answer to the man upstairs.”

Jon Moxley revealed that he didn’t want to say this about his friend. He states Vince McMahon convinced him into doing it and he instantly regretted it.

However, this wasn’t the only time Roman’s battle with Leukemia would be the topic of WWE creative. Moxley reveals that yet another angle was pitched to him mentioning Roman’s health. The next attempt included a remark that according to him would have lost WWE sponsors. Moxley refused to do it and he also wouldn’t say exactly what the remark was as it was very distasteful.

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