Jon Moxley Discusses Awkward Appearance On Stone Cold Podcast


Stone Cold had a series of video form podcasts on the WWE network. In August of 2016 the current WWE Champion at the time, Dean Ambrose was a guest and it came off very awkward to viewers.

Recently, the topic of his appearance came up during his interview on “The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast”. He said that prior to his appearance a producer contacted him and started to inquire about his past personal life. The former Dean Ambrose didn’t want to bring up his family life for the public’s knowledge.

Stone Cold brings up Ambrose’s childhood at the top of the show and it got uncomfortable from there. Jon Moxley would say he felt played by the producer and mentally shut down. Throughout the show things were fine when discussing professional wrestling but went down hill each time his personal life and past were brought up.

In addition, he would go on to say that had it been typical interview he would have just hung up. Due to his respect for Steve Austin he didn’t just walk away. He was really pissed off when Steve said talent these days were scared to go off script in fear of being fired.

Also, Austin would publicly challenge him to push the envelope and be more edgier and said he was resting on his laurels. He felt he was put in a weird position as he couldn’t go into full detail as he was employed by the company at the time and it was televised. Moxley would go on to say he would love to reconnect with Steve on his podcast now that he’s no longer employed.

Dean Ambrose’s appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast would mark the last time it aired on the WWE Network. Stone Cold has often wondered what went wrong with that particular interview. Many people would correlate the appearance with the show not returning to the network.

Afterwards, Dean Ambrose would take the heat for the situation and at the time it was also speculated he would lose the WWE Championship to Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam 2016. Obviously that didn’t happen, however he did lose it just less than one month later to AJ Styles at Backlash 2016.

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