Jon Moxley: “My Career Was in the ‘Toilet Bowl’ a Few Months Ago!” (VIDEO)


Following his win over Tomohiro Ishii during night six of the NJPW G1 Climax 29 tournament, Jon Moxley cut a promo, noting that his career was “in the toilet bowl” a few months ago. He said,

“Thank you, Tokyo, for being here tonight at Korukuen Hall for the G1. Thank you Tomohiro Ishii for sharing the ring with me tonight, you sick bastard. Let me tell you guys something, I’m sure you can’t understand everything I’m saying. A few months ago, my career was pretty much in a toilet bowl, and then you guys welcome me over here to Japan. Made me feel like part of the family. Gave me this canvas on which to paint ugly, gruesome works of art. So I thank you for that. Let me tell you this, nobody on this planet, nobody on this Earth, in this world, in this universe can tell me what I’m capable of, or what I can and can’t do, what I can or can’t accomplish, only I can say that! Let me tell you this, and you better damn sure believe it because I’m gonna do it or I’m gonna die trying, get used to it. Jon Moxley is going to win the G1!”

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