Jon Moxley Says He Wanted To Team With Brodie Lee Prior To His Passing


During a recent interview with Metro, Jon Moxley revealed that he wanted to team with Brodie Lee prior to his passing. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On joining the AEW tag team division: “I had an idea to eventually one day – I like tag team wrestling, you know? And there’s so many great tag teams here that I wanna get to work with. ‘But it’s like, OK, I’m gonna need a suitable partner, not just any random guy. I want a full, actual good tag team run with a good partner, make a real run at having a run in this tag division. The guy I was thinking about doing it with was Brodie Lee. He was a good friend, and I wrestled him so many millions of times, our styles would have complemented each other very well.”

On why the team with Lee would have worked: “You want somebody who complements you – maybe they do things you don’t do, and vice versa. I thought a Shield-Wyatt mash-up super team would have been a really cool tag team. Me and Brodie could have really gone on a f***ing rampage as a team!”

On facing Davey Boy Smith at Bloodsport 5: “Not necessarily that I had a list,’ he clarified. ‘But Harry is probably my number one on that list. The first time I’d seen a Bloodsport show, I didn’t know what I was even watching when I showed up at the show. I was like, “what is this supposed to be? What are we watching?” Harry’s match made it very clear – oh, it’s wrestling! Old school wrestling! This isn’t a joke, we’re not doing any buffoonery, we’re doing just “get on the mat, try and rip a guy’s head off” pro wrestling.”

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