JONAH Names The Two Legends He Would Have Liked To Face


During an appearance on Sami Callihan’s CALLIHAN UNCENSORED podcast, Impact Wrestling star JONAH named two legends he would have liked to have a match with. Here are some highlights via Fightful.

The first name he mentioned is Kenta Kobashi, with whom he was able to train with in his rookie days when Kobashi was in his final year: “One of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Kenta Kobashi. I was lucky enough to be training at the Pro Wrestling NOAH dojo at the same time he was ending his career. I was there for his final ever match. I was seconding him at ringside watching him do his final ever moonsault. He’s someone that I wish I could have been in the ring with, especially now with the size I am. I think that sort of match would have been a dream.” 

The other name is Dusty Rhodes: “Number two, you [Sami Callihan] would have probably met him, Dusty Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes is my number two. You might have been able to work with him and meet him, he was one of my favorite wrestlers of all time as well and I never got to meet him. If I could have wrestled him in his heyday, he’s a big beefy man as well, me as a heel and him as a babyface, those are the two matches I would have loved to have done in different timeframes.”

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