Jonathan Gresham Discusses Black Stereotypes In Wrestling, More


During a recent appearance on the “WrestlePurists” podcast, Jonathan Gresham commented on some fans and promoters believing a black wrestler needs a gimmick, the incorrect takes on his height, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On people who say black wrestlers need gimmicks: “It bothers me that you can have white guy number 1 with no character be great, but then you’ve got black guy, same ‘oh he needs a character’ but why? Why can’t he just be a good wrestler? You’ve gotta be so much more than the other guy that’s World Champion, doesn’t have a character, he’s good on the mic, sure, but he doesn’t do anything other than wrist locks, hammerlocks, and some kicks. But black guy that does the same thing, I need a f**king character, I need all this extra stuff, like that’s just the thing.”

On height and physique in wrestling: “It really is interesting, I got out of really interacting with the fans a few years back because I realized that they just want to spew whatever they believe as the Gospel and they don’t understand that you go on Wikipedia right? The stats on Wikipedia they take as the Gospel. But the thing is, that Wikipedia could’ve been made seven years ago. Since then, of course the person probably didn’t grow in height but his weight has changed. Also, me, I have never been embarrassed of my size. So when wrestling promoters are like ‘what’s your height?’, I was like ‘5’4″‘, and they’re like ‘you want me to say like 5’7″‘ I’m just like ‘No. 5’4″.’ People are going to stand next to me, they’re going to freaking know.”

On his height: “I hear this thing a lot, I’m smaller than Rey Mysterio. I can assure you, I’ve met the man on three occasions, we are the exact same height. But for some reason, I’m 4’9″ or whatever the f**k. My mom is 4’10”, I can see on top of her head, so it’s just ridiculous what people wanna believe. You know what I mean? My Wikipedia might say I weigh like 160 something, but I literally, I almost weighed 200 pounds a few mounts back. I’ve dropped, I’m literally like 180 something right now.”

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(h/t – Fightful)

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