Jonathan Gresham Explains Refusing To Interact With Wrestling Fans


Jonathan Gresham has explained why he refuses to interact with wrestling fans, who believe false reports about him.

Gresham recently lost the ROH World Championship to Claudio Castagnoli, and has reportedly requested his release from AEW/ROH.

While speaking with WrestlePurists in an interview prior to his release request, Gresham explained why he’s against interacting with fans.

“I got out of interacting with the fans a few years back because I realized they just want to spew whatever they believe as the gospel. The stats on Wikipedia, they take as the gospel. But the thing is, that Wikipedia could’ve been made seven years ago.

“I hear this thing a lot that I’m smaller than Rey Mysterio. I can assure you, I’ve met the man on three occasions. We are the exact same height. But for some reason, for some reason, I am 4’9 or whatever the f*ck.”

It remains unclear if Gresham has been granted his release by Tony Khan.

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