Jonathan Gresham

Jonathan Gresham Reveals When He Found Out Tony Khan Had Purchased Ring Of Honor


During a recent appearance on “The Kurt Angle Show”, Jonathan Gresham commented on the news that Tony Khan has purchased Ring of Honor, what his initial reaction to it was, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his reaction to Tony Khan buying Ring of Honor: “Bandido is like my boy, he’s the news guy for me. I was in Dublin, Ireland and I was going to go to shows and training for some guys up there and I was actually in my bed sleeping. Bandido always texts me or Instagrams me or something like that, but this particular time my phone started ringing and it says Bandido. I was like ‘hello?’ He was talking and said ‘did you hear?’ And I was like ‘no, what’s going on?’ Cause I stay off social media as much as I can to keep my mind focused and clear so I had no clue what was going on and he told me that Tony Khan had bought Ring of Honor. So at that point, my mind just explodes, which is like, that’s great, that means Ring of Honor will continue past Supercard [of Honor].

“So that made me happy because it’s just a company that I was so in love with for all these years, as soon as I became World Champion it just dissolves and that really kind of broke my heart. Just to hear the company continuing and because the company is continuing, that means hopefully myself and a lot of my friends and comrades and wrestlers will have a place to go. There’s only so many jobs that you can make a living off of in wrestling right now and Ring of Honor still existing gives guys a chance to make a living so I’m very grateful and happy for that.”

On the future of ROH: “Fortunately and unfortunately [I don’t know what’s happening with ROH], fortunately, because I like the way Tony Khan tries to do things. He tries to keep everything close to his chest, I believe that helps the excitement of wrestling. When things are in the dirt sheets, it’s almost like you don’t have to watch the show anymore. I remember watching WCW and WWE and when guys would jump from WCW to WWE, I had no clue about it because I wasn’t a dirt sheet reader and it was awesome and exciting. It made me feel like I had to watch the next show. In this era of social media and everybody telling secrets, it just doesn’t make television exciting because you already know what’s going to happen. You already know what the writers are writing, why would you want to know that? It’s like going to the movies and already having the script and it’s just like why would you do that? So I really like the way Tony Khan operates or tries to operate, I know things slip out because of other people but I really dig that. But no, I don’t know anything, I’m in the dark. I’m Ring of Honor World Champion and I know absolutely nothing.”

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