Jonathan Gresham Says He Wants To Defend The ROH World Title Around The World


During a recent appearance on the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, Jonathan Gresham commented on wanting to defend the ROH World title around the world, what his future plans in wrestling are, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On wanting to defend the ROH World title around the world and his future plans in wrestling: “I believe the pure wrestling rules that originated in Ring of Honor are just a twist on having rules in general in wrestling. I just want fans to see that stories can be told when rules are implemented. My goal is to defend the Ring of Honor World title under pure rules around the world. I did it in LA, I did it in Alabama, and my goal this year is to take it to England, Germany, and wherever else I get booked going forward until Ring of Honor comes back. I will decide then what I’m going to do and what my future will be. After that, I’m not sure if I’ll continue wrestling or if I’ll join a bigger promotion.”

On whether ROH has given him any direction with the title: “They haven’t given me any direction. It’s something I’m taking upon myself to do. I’m not forcing it on anyone. Promotions are actually coming to me and asking me. I’m very grateful for that, that the Ring of Honor World title still holds weight for a lot of people around the world. I’m grateful that I’m in this position with TERMINUS, and with Ring of Honor going on hiatus, it’s presented me with a way to enjoy wrestling even more because I love traveling. I love wrestling new guys, testing myself, and it’s given me an opportunity to have more fun again. Within the Ring of Honor locker room, there are only so many guys I can wrestle before it’s a repeat again. Now, I’m getting the opportunity to wrestle new people with different mindsets, younger guys with ambition and different ideas and who help me with my ideas. So, it’s a blessing in disguise I think.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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