Jordynne Grace Says Scott Steiner Is “Like A Cool Grandpa” To Her


During a recent appearance on the “Generation of Wrestling” podcast, Impact Wrestling Superstar Jordynne Grace commented on her relationship with Scott Steiner, why he’s like a “cool-ass grandpa”, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Scott Steiner’s character: “Oh, that’s him, obviously not as misogynistic but like the way he talks and his overall demeanor is kind of the same. He really reminds me of my grandpa. He’s like a cool-ass grandpa, right? He’s a super sweet, super nice guy, but when you’re around him, you can feel his presence. If that makes any sense at all.”

On Scott Steiner not pitching her “Thicc Mama Pump” nickname: “Oh, he definitely didn’t pitch it. I don’t I don’t think he pitches anything anymore. I think he just gets kind of like thrown into these stories. But actually, I’m 25 so that Steiner promo and his matches and stuff, obviously, were kind of like before my time. A few years ago, maybe five-six years ago, I watched the Steiner promo for the first time and I was immediately like, ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. This is the best promo ever.’ I started watching some of his matches and I just kind of fell in love with his persona, his wrestling ability. I had tweeted something like ‘Oh, what do you guys think my new moniker should be?’ One of the options was ‘Thicc Mama Pump,’ that like won out by a lot and so I started using it on the indies and then somebody I don’t know who like started some kind of campaign about me and Scott to do a tag match, eventually, I got signed to IMPACT and then the opportunity came about and it just happened to just kind of fall into place.”

On why they ultimately decided to use the nickname on TV: “They did not want me to use the name Thicc Mama Pump’ at first. They didn’t want to put it on my screen, I don’t think I was allowed to have the sirens on my music. Then, they just kind of realized, ‘Well ****, everybody already knows her as this on social media and stuff, so we’re just gonna use it.’ I actually didn’t even know that they put the name ‘Thicc Mama Pump,’ in my tron until one day, I was watching one of my matches back and I was like, ‘Oh sh*t, they put it on there.’”

(h/t – Fightful)

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