Jordynne Grace Talks Nia Jax in the Royal Rumble, IMPACT on Twitch and More


IMPACT Wrestling star Jordynne Grace was recently interviewed by Daily DDT where she discussed Nia Jax’s Royal Rumble moment, IMPACT on Twitch, equal pay in All Elite Westling, and more:

Jordan on Nia Jax in the men’s Royal Rumble:

“I think it was a monumental moment. A girl hasn’t been involved in a battle royal in years. I forget exactly what year, but I think [Awesome] Kong [aka Kharma] was the last one involved in one. So I think they kind of shied away from it for a long time. And I think by putting her in the battle royal, a lot of people don’t think it was the right person, but I think it was exactly the right person because she’s the biggest girl in WWE right now. All the guys she was in the ring with, she outweighed and she was taller than almost all of them. So I think if WWE is going to make a push for intergender wrestling, she’s a really great person to start with.”

Jordan on equal pay in AEW:

“I think Brandi explained it on Twitter, because basically what she said is that entry-level men and women aren’t going to be paid differently. Normally in jobs, entry-level people, sometimes the women are paid lower than the men. So I think that’s kind of what she was saying by that, but I think that’s a huge step in the right direction. I mean, most women in wrestling don’t get paid nearly as much as the men because I guess we aren’t seen as that important, or we’re seen as kind of like a sideshow of wrestling, just an extra added bonus so that’s what we’re paid as instead of the main event, so I think it’s a really big deal.”

Jordan on IMPACT Wrestling streaming on Twitch:

“I think it’s huge. I think it’s probably the best thing they’ve done in years, as far as streaming live on Twitch. Twitch is a really big thing right now, and I think partnering with Twitch was just— I didn’t expect it, but it was probably one of the best moves they can make at this point. Especially with everyone complaining about how no one gets Pursuit.”

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