Josef Samael Comments On The Success & Longevity Of Contra Unit


MLW star Josef Samael was recently interviewed on the Shining Wizard podcast as he discussed the success and longevity of Contra Unit. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Josef Samael on the success of Contra Unit: “I think that you’ve got a heel faction that is multi-faceted. You’ve got a narrator in myself that’s able to hit the points in the proper way. There’s always a hero in peril. It’s very believable. What we do, how we move, how we maneuver, what we do to the babyface… It’s well built. It’s well staffed, and everybody pretty much does their job. Everybody comes out and really kills it on each end. Behind the camera, in front of the camera, on both sides of the fence. We’ve been really lucky. It’s something that’s special, and not just Contra. Contra is definitely special, but just all the players involved. It’s something that you really, really hope for when you’re performing. It’s something that you really really hope for when you’re creating, and you’re involved in stuff. It’s one of those deals where planets align. And we’ve had that. I guess Contra is pretty good. We’ve had it with LA PARK. We’ve had it with Tom Lawlor. We’ve had it with our debut. Me & Jacob (Fatu) have had it in PCW Ultra. If I really had to give it an answer, it’s believability and credibility. If you have a believable and credible heel, and you have a believable storyline, then you can lose yourself in it. And I think that’s what pro wrestling is missing, so we tend to stand out when we’re just doing what you’re supposed to be doing in pro wrestling.”

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