Josh Alexander Doubts He’d Be World Champion If Ethan Page Had Stayed


Once upon a time, Josh Alexander and Ethan Page were a highly successful tag team. But since Page’s departure from Impact, the relationship between the two men hasn’t been the same.

The Walking Weapon and current Impact World Champion sat down with Fightful to talk about his relationship with Page, The North’s split, and more. You can read highlights of his interview below:


If he’d be World Champ had Page stayed in Impact: “Probably not. No, I wouldn’t imagine I would. I think that The North run would have continued to go for at least, you know, a year, year and a half before we kind of split up and we did. Because like eventually, everything runs its course, you know? I know there’s like FTR and The Young Bucks and these tag teams that stayed together forever, but then you looked at me and him, and we were both individuals that came together and we made a great tag team because we had chemistry and all this other stuff. But you know, I think at some point it would have come to an end, but I don’t think it would materialize fast enough for me to be a world champion sitting here right now.”

The North’s split: “His contract was up a year before mine. I signed exactly a year after him. We both signed three year deals, and his came up, and he was pretty vocal that he wanted to go elsewhere. He ended up going elsewhere, which was fine, but at the same time, we’ve been a tag team for about 10 years. We were successful in the indies when we came to Impact. We took over that entire scene, and we found all the success in the world as a tag team, and like I said, I think all good things run their course.”

His current relationship with Page: “Eventually, we were both two individuals, with two separate goals in two separate mindsets on pro wrestling, that began to clash toward the end there. Where we weren’t really getting along to the point where, you know, the friendship kind of broke away. So we went our separate ways, and he’s found all the success in the world at AEW. I’m sure he’s happy, and you know, I’m doing what I’m doing and we’re good. We haven’t really communicated since he left the company. I saw him at a signing here or there. It’s like, ‘hey, how are you doing? Things are good. Yeah, I hope they’re good.’ Like there’s no ill will or anything. It’s just, we’re in separate sandboxes doing separate things with separate goals, and you know that’s it.”

A potential Impact/AEW reunion with Page: “I don’t [think it’s likely]. I think other people have the thought, I don’t think anybody within management of the company, neither Ethan Page nor myself, had the thought that that was ever gonna materialize or be a thing. I’ve said it before, I think an FTR match would’ve been cool, but other than that, I honestly think it ran its course with the tag team and stuff.”

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