Josh Alexander

Josh Alexander Says He “Wanted To Put The X Division Back On The Map”


Impact Wrestling’s X-Division Champion Josh Alexander has spoken out on his thoughts about his Ultimate X match at this Saturday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view event.

Alexander has revealed that he wants to create a legacy as X-Division Champion. And, that he believes that the Ultimate X match will be the next step in this process.


Speaking on the It’s My House Podcast, Alexander had this to say:

“In the sense of the match booking I have the most to lose of everybody in it but I also have what I think is the most to gain in terms of the thing I set out for since I won the X-Division championship at Rebellion. I said I wanted to put the X-Division back on the map, I wanted to create a legacy that was like what Samoa Joe did for me early on in my career when I was watching him as a fan, I wanted to do that for other people watching now and I think that I’ve had a very good stretch right now that – Ironman match was a historic thing. Now I can go into an Ultimate X match, which since I’ve been signed an Impact Wrestling, I have told management every single chance I could – if they were to book an Ultimate X match I don’t care, I need to be in it, because I’m a huge TNA Impact fan from the early years and that match is an Impact exclusive, and if I’m going to do it, I got to do it here and I don’t see a better way since it has nearly been three years [since the last Ultimate X match] for me to defend that championship. And, if I successfully do it I put myself on the map as one of the best X Division champions of all time.”

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You can check out Josh Alexander’s full interview on the It’s My House Podcast below:

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