Josh Mathews And Jeremy Borash Get Into Heated Exchange On Twitter


On Twitter, Josh Mathews responded to the criticism directed at him after he called himself the greatest wrestling announcer today.

After the tweet was posted, Jeremy Borash took a jab at Josh Mathews, which caused both to get into a heated back and forth exchange. They both ended up deleting their tweets but not in time for nobody to notice. This is what they had to say to each other…..

Borash: “No one will ever question your credibility after the ‘I believe I am the greatest play by play announcer in the world,’ quote. Good for you.”

Mathews: “Go fly your drone.”

Borash: “I will. The difference between you and that drone? One is a super over personality on a wrestling show… and the other is an announcer.”

Mathews: “Don’t worry @JeremyBorash after WWE, ROH, Lucha, NJPW, NOAH & any other company fires like 10 announcers, you’ll get your chance!”

Mathews: “Yeah, a Ring Announcer. Anyone can do that. Have you seen the people that used to work here?!?”

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