Josh Matthews Gives His Take On The Sexy Star-Rosemary Incident, Talks Johnny Mundo In GFW Impact, Eli Drake & More


GFW Impact commentator Josh Matthews, recently spoke with SportsKeeda and discussed the debut of Johnny Impact in GFW Impact. Matthews touched on Eli Drake becoming the Global Champion, shared his thoughts on the Rosemary-Sexy Star incident, along with much more.

Here are the highlights:


Matthews On Johnny Mundo’s Future In GFW Impact:

“I think Johnny Impact has an awesome future in GFW. I have known Johnny since before his career in wrestling started and I think he’s a huge star and he has a huge presence about him. I think Johnny Impact coming in is awesome and I can’t wait to see what his future holds. I think that a lot of people are waiting to see what he does in GFW and I am one of those people.”

Matthews’s Thoughts On Eli Drake:

“I had predicted that Eli would be a GFW Champion in 2017 about a month ago and he fulfilled that promise. I think that Eli Drake is a great representative for GFW and a great representative for that Global Championship. Not only that, Eli is also a great representative for pro wrestling. Eli has watched people come in and get opportunities that he thought that he should have been getting so he spoke his mind and I think he should be credited for that. What he did is very different from what anyone else has done; Eli didn’t act unprofessionally, he acted professionally; he spoke his mind and did the things he was asked to do and at the end of the day was rewarded with the Global Championship.”

The Most Memorable Moments From Matthews’ Career:

“Some of the biggest highlights for me and it’s hard for me to look back since I’m a forward thinker, but some of the biggest moments has to include getting a Stunner at WrestleMania in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, which has to be a career highlight. Just getting to work with some of the brilliant minds in wrestling from Jim Ross to Paul Heyman to Michael Cole; people like that who have helped me along the way to becoming the announcer I am and to whom I’m beholden. I’m in my mid-thirties and I’ve been doing this for almost two decades now and you can’t buy that experience, you have to live it and learn it. You have to drive the car and get coffee for the boys and you have to live that experience to come out on the other end and I just want to give back to our sport now.”

Thoughts On The Rosemary-Sexy Star Incident:

“I’ve seen the video and we’ve gotten an out-pour of support we’ve seen from everyone all over different promotions. Everyone is getting on the same page as to what Sexy Star did to Rosemary, just being completely unprofessional. It was completely uncalled for and is against everything we stand for as a sport. You just don’t do that. She did what she did and I think that the repercussions for her will be to the level where she may find something else to do for a living.”

“A reason would be that you believe your own hype; you believe in your character and all those things come in to play and you go into business for yourself. It’s something that is completely selfish, what she did and it shouldn’t be something that’s taken lightly, there should be serious repercussions. I actually asked my wife last night if Rosemary had an opportunity to follow up or press criminal charges against Sexy Star. That’s how serious it is. If I were Rosemary, I’d be looking into pressing criminal charges for sure.”


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