Josh Matthews Rants On WWE’s ‘Unsafe Working Environment’


WWE announcer Josh Matthews is playing up the storyline with Kane at SummerSlam, saying that WWE is an “unsafe work environment.” Mathews tweeted the following regarding the RAW and SmackDown General Managers needing to do something about it. Mathews tweeted:

“Just arrived to arena for #RAW, as an announcer, shouldn’t have to feel uneasy about being here. It’s my JOB to get exclusives with…”

“The Superstars. Now due to gross acts of rage/anger I’m suppose to be intimidated? No one has the right to put their hands on me. Action…”

“Must be taken by @WWEAJLee & @BookerT5x they are The GM’s! This is an unsafe work environment. If I seem upset, it’s b/c I am.”

WWE has been telling their talents to play up storyline angles via Twitter. This is the reason you’ve seen stuff with talents talking about Triple H’s return to RAW tonight, etc.

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