Josh Matthews Says He Is The Best Announcer, SD Live Tag-Team Champion Gets Married (Photos)


SD Live Tag-Team Champion Jason Jordan, of American Alpha got married yesterday to his now wife and things were all great for Jordan on Saturday. Congrats to Jason Jordan & best of luck on his marriage.


Former WWE employee, Josh Matthews has been quite the character on Twitter for a while now. Matthews has been doing a heel “commentator” gimmick over his Twitter during wrestling shows. Some fans do not agree with the “cockiness” of Matthews, but during a recent interview with the Irish Mirror, Matthews said the comments by followers have not discouraged him because he still feels he’s the best.

It’s hilarious to me that I said ‘I think I’m the greatest wrestling announcer in the World today’ and a lot of other big statements but people took that one bit out and focused on it. But I’m not going to back down. I do think I’m the best, and anyone who is in this World should think they are the best!” – Josh Matthews

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