JR Blogs: Jeff Hardy & Lesnar WWE Returns, E. Chamber


Jim Ross has a new blog up at JRSBARBQ.com. Here are the highlights…

His Elimination Chamber Predictions: Cena will beat Kane in what will be a challening, physical & a bowling shoe ugly brawl ending up with one man being taken out of Milwaukee in an ambulance.

I’m thinking by hook or crook that Daniel Bryan retains the World Title in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber but these are so tough to predict.

Seems as if CM Punk would be able to retain the WWE Title BUT Chris Jericho looms large and should not be overlooked. So…I’ll go with Jericho in the upset leading into WrestleMania 28.

Beth Phoenix should retain against the vastly improved and evolving Tamina Snuka as I think that Kharma is impatiently waiting in the wings for the winner. However, if Tamina upsets the Divas Champion I will only be mildly surprised. She has really distinguished herself in the past few weeks.

As a fan and PPV buyer, I’d think that the major title bouts for WM28 will become abundantly clearer after Sunday’s Elimination Chamber which one would assume is the sole reason for this last PPV prior to WM28….prepare to get on the road to WrestleMania in an extremely serious manner.

Will Elimination Chamber throw some curveballs at us fans? I’d suggest yes and will be disappointed if there isn’t a few surprises along the way during the event that looks to be close to a complete sell out in Milwaukee.

I could also see a scenario where complete shockers came out of Elimination Chamber making the Road to WrestleMania even more unpredictable.

WWE Tough Enough Winner Andy’s WWE Future: “Training for WWE is a major challenge and no one has a guarantee that they will ever be called up. It’s all about making consistent progress in training and doing all one can to take the next step. Hopefully, Andy will earn the opportunity to move up but, at the end of the day, that’s largely up to him.”

Jeff Hardy Returning To WWE: Will Jeff Hardy ever be back in WWE? My absolute guess would be no. At best, highly unlikely. TNA’s schedule likely fits Jeff best. I still remember his bout on TV vs the Undertaker. Great, WWE TV moment.

WWE Legends House: What do you know about WWE Legends House? I know that it is a reality show that will see several WWE luminaries with strong personalities living in a large home in Southern California where they will attempt to coexist for several weeks. The 24/7 cameras rolling will undoubtedly capture some classic content. How several, I think 8, grumpy, old men survive this will be interesting and entertaining. I don’t know where Legends House will air but I assume that it was originally created for the upcoming WWE Network but also could theoretically air elsewhere.

A Possible Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes Match: “Beats me but I’d say unlikely. Not saying that it wouldn’t be an interesting bout but I don’t see it occurring any time soon.”

Brock Lesnar’s WWE Return: Have I heard from Brock Lesnar lately? We do not keep in touch. It’s not personal it’s simply that Lesnar likes his privacy on his Minnesota farm. I am a big fan of his nonetheless and do think that he will strongly consider returning to WWE for a high profile bout likely at the only place that it should occur, WrestleMania. That’s NOT official and merely my opinion.

Be sure to check out the full blog at http://www.JRSBARBQ.com/

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