JR Blogs – Kurt Angle To WWE, Benoit/Network, Hennig


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has released a new blog post on JRSBARBQ.com. Below are some highlights:


Ross on Kurt Angle possibly returning to the WWE: “Speaking of another Pittsburgher, been reading a great deal about Kurt Angle’s thoughts on returning to WWE to end his pro wrestling career. I don’t know what’s accurate or not but personally it would be fun to see Kurt finish where he started as it’s obvious that the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist should seriously be thinking of hanging up his boots and looking at other avenues within the business of which he can contribute. There are many for the record. I’d surmise that for Kurt to return to in ring competition in WWE that he would have to pass an extensive physical as that particular landscape has changed drastically, and for the better, since Angle last appeared in WWE. My only suggestion for Kurt or even Cody Rhodes for that matter is to eliminate the top of the cage moonsaults from their repertoire. The win/loss ratio attempting that maneuver isn’t good and to me is ill advised. This is another spectacular finishing maneuver that has been relegated to a ‘high spot’ which, to me, is insanity.”

Ross on the WWE Network airing footage with Chris Benoit with a disclaimer: “Glad to see that the much anticipated WWE Network will air some Chris Benoit matches accompanied with the proper ‘warning.’ What Chris did in the last days of his life are unpardonable but no one has ever said that Benoit wasn’t a great in ring technician. Should Chris be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Absolutely, not. However seeing some of his matches on the new, WWE Network feels fitting even thought there will be some who will raise hell over it just because they can somehow justify it via their keyboards.”

Ross remembers Curt Hennig: “Curt Hennig aka Mr. Perfect passed away 11 years ago tomorrow Feb 10. Arguably as naturally talented in all phases of the pro wrestling game as anyone I’ve ever been around. We went into the 2007 Hall of Fame class together at WM23 in Detroit. One of the funniest guys ever and a fabulous in ring performer. One could tell that the influence of so many of the great talents in the AWA had a positively profound influence on Curt. That would apply especially to Bobby Heenan and Nick Bockwinkel, among others.”

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