JR Blogs: Merriman-Punk, Rock/Cena, RAW Tonight, HIAC


Jim Ross has posted a new blog at JRSBARBQ.com. Here are the highlights…

On Rock and Cena: Do Rock and Cena really not like each other? I’m not around either man these days but my instincts say that they aren’t enamored with each other. However, I do not think that will do any thing but help the build to their match at WrestleMania. Each man may say that they love to entertain, etc but in my view they are both alpha male athletes who want to out shine the other at the big dance which obviously will be ‘entertaining’ as hell for fans.

On Taker vs. Foley’s HIAC: Was HIAC featuring The Undertaker vs. Foley the greatest match I ever called? It’s impossible for me to name the absolute best bout I ever called but that one was certainly one of a small handful that was easily the most memorable. It was a new concept, the talents were amazing, their issue was compelling and Mick’s launch off the top of the Cell is still embedded in my mind.

On Shawn Merriman vs. CM Punk on Twitter: What do you make of the Shawn Merriman twitter war with CM Punk? If Merriman’s NFL career is on the ropes it’s likely a way of garnering attention for the talented albeit controversial athlete. Perhaps Merriman is looking for a WWE career

On Tonight’s Raw: I’m anticipating some interesting ‘competition’ Monday night on Raw as the show stealer, Shawn Michaels, returns to live TV to, apparently, address HHH regarding HIAC at WM28. Point being is that last week’s Raw ended with the memorable verbal confrontation between Rock and John Cena and knowing how much HHH and HBK enjoy main event status, who will stand out the most in Boston?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add Chris Jericho and CM Punk to the mix which makes for an interesting RAW on multiple fronts. I still feel that Punk vs. Jericho is going to be damn hard to follow at WM28.

Another question is will we see any physicality between any of the participants of the three, top WM28 bouts? Four, if one includes Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus.

Boston’s Monday Night Raw should be a compelling show as the goal is always to build momentum to get to the primary destination, WM28, with as much of a buzz as can be created.

The pressure is on for all involved to deliver in a big time way which was always the fun part of the job for me. The bigger the stage the better I felt that I performed. At least that was always my mindset. My role at ringside totally ceased being a ‘job’ when the lights were on their brightest. It was too much fun to be considered work.

Back in the day, I used to tell our high school football officiating crew that anyone could call the first half of a game but the great crews were the ones who could take care of business at nut cutting time IE the second half.

Be sure to read the full blog at http://www.JRSBARBQ.com/

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