JR Blogs: Orton/D-Bryan, Rhodes/RAW, TNA, HHH DVD


Credit: JRSBARBQ.com

Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On Orton vs. Bryan: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton needs some rocket fuel added to their fire especially on the WWE champion side of the flame. Just one guy’s opinion. Their PPV bout has high expectations. Should be stout…bell to bell.

On The Rhodes Family Appearing on RAW: Seeing the Rhodes Family on Raw interests me. I’m enjoying their personal issue storyline that feels fresh. Let Dream talk….for old time sake.

On The Triple H DVD: The documentary aspect, in particular, of the new HHH DVD is very well done. Definitely worth watching. Excellent job by WWE HOME VIDEO folks. Happy that I made the edit. HHH was one of my WWE favorites.

On His Attitude on TNA: Got an unwarranted lecture on Twitter regarding my “attitude” toward TNA. When have I ever dissed TNA? Never. I have many, long time friends there and hope their company finds the success that they are seeking. BTW…the wise ass lecturer was blocked.

If you’re interested, you can click here to read JR’s full blog.

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