JR Blogs: Tonight’s RAW, WrestleMania, DDP/Hall/Roberts


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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On who will feel the pressure to deliver at WrestleMania: Fandango is on the list even though I have gone on record as say that his bout at WM29 with Chris Jericho will exceed the expectations of many cynics. I find it somewhat ill advised (read, silly) that some fans have written me venom-filled emails that Jericho “deserves’ better of which I find laughable and I’m sure that @IAmJericho would as well. Throw Big E on the pressure filled list. Add The Shield, too and let’s not forget Ryback either. There are obviously others that could take residence on our list of pressure packed performers at WM29. I’ve seen the NXT talents in action and have the utmost confidence in each of them and expect them to come out of their first WrestleMania experience proud of their effort, accomplishment but wanting more.

On Rock vs. Cena main eventing the show: While some mindlessly complain about a return match, a staple within the wrestling business seemingly forever, in the show closing, main event slot at WM29, I prefer to be optimistic and address the fact that so many talents are making their WrestleMania debuts this Sunday.

On tonight’s RAW: Have to believe that RAW will be an interesting broadcast tonight especially how it chooses to address the top, three, marquis matches for WrestleMania. I’m as curious as the next fan as to how that will be approached and executed. There may actually be more pressure on many talents regarding tonight’s final RAW before this Sunday than WM29 itself. The sold out crowd in Washington, D.C. will also contribute greatly to the feel of the program.

On DDP helping Scott Hall and Jake Roberts: I am very proud of the work that DDP is doing to attempt to help rebuild the lives of Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. If I could wish for one thing regarding the business in general this year, it would be for The Snake and The Bad Guy to get healthy and enjoy their lives as they deserve…and that would be clean and sober. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of both men and so many others I’ve known in the business, and in life in general, who have made the wrong turn at the proverbial fork in the road of life. Many of us have had that same decision to make over the years and by the Grace of God, fate, a good woman/partner, friends, or whatever, it did not happen to all that it easily could have. This problem isn’t just a ‘wrestling problem’ but one that is an epidemic the world over. People have to make better choices or pay dire consequences.

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