JR Blogs: Unifying The Titles, Roman Reigns’ Push, More


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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the highlights…

On Roman Reigns at The Survivor Series: Highlight of the PPV for me was the spotlight placed on Roman Reigns who pinned four members of the opposition with the same move, a nice, snug clothesline. Reigns has “it” and has always been high on everyone’s list of hopeful, future WWE main eventers. The son of WWE Hall of Famer Wild Samoan Sika has transformed his former nose tackle body into a more healthy, appealing and more marketable one since signing with WWE’s developmental program. The former Georgia Tech defensive lineman has a natural aptitude for the product and a very business like approach to his vocation. Unless something totally unforeseen occurs to this young man there is no reason that with great mentoring and promotion that Roman Reigns shouldn’t be headlining PPV’s soon in WWE as in some time in 2014.

On Big E. Langston: Bothers me to read some tweets @JRsBBQ regarding Big E Langston who I got to know well in NXT and who I feel has a very significant upside. ‘E’ is another talented, educated, dependable athlete who is so much more than a former power lifter. The former state high school wrestling champion and D1 football lineman at Iowa has great feet and agility plus he’s another student of the game and takes his preparation and in ring progress seriously. For the record, I wasn’t overwhelmed about the Big E post match, ‘pandering’ promo. I thought it could have been done just as effectively in a much shorter length of time but it didn’t kill me. The upside is that Big E can talk including not having to be provided scripted lines that so many talents grow dependent upon. Some fans need to exert a little more patience while young talents such as Reigns and Big E evolve to the next level.

On The Tag-Teams: Speaking of tag teams, the Rhodes Brothers and the Uso Brothers have been extremely impressive in recent weeks. I know their father’s are proud of their sons. Ironically, Swagger and Cesaro may have the most athletic potential to be a dominating tag team as any duo in WWE in years. To show you how old school that I am I don’t like the fans chanting along with the villains as in “We The People” as it feels like a fan favorite presentation/gimmick.

On Possibly Unifying The Titles: Not sure what to make of a title unification match, if that’s where WWE is headed, with Cena and Orton. A unique way to end the show that certainly presented more questions and speculation than answers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’d expect that particular matter to be at the center of attention on RAW Monday night.

You can read Jim’s full blog by clicking here.

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