JR Q&A – Austin vs. D-Bryan, Royal Rumble, Reigns, More


The following are highlights from a recent Jim Ross online Q&A update:

On if it’s fair to compare today’s era against the Attitude Era: “”Fair?” It’s merely speculation and not a decree of fact. Today’s roster has some intriguing, underdeveloped pieces who need to continue to evolve plus have others added to the mix to ever approach the Attitude Era roster. I hope that they do.”

On why WWE didn’t do Hulk Hogan vs. Steve Austin in 2002: “Nothing serious that I recall. Rock was a better fit for Hogan at WM18.”

On if WWE talents had more creative freedom back in the late 90s and early 2000s: “Yes, somewhat. Those that could assemble their thoughts in a good way were provided some creative flexibility. Needs to get back to that.”

On if he feels Daniel Bryan will be in the Royal Rumble, and if so, should he win: “Your guess is as good as mine. He’s facing Bray Wyatt at the Rumble but that doesn’t mean that any of those talents in one on one matches can’t be in the Rumble match too. Tune in and see….that’s what I’m doing.”

On if he feels Roman Reigns will ever work with his cousins The Usos: “I assume that any thing is possible down the road. It likely wouldn’t be often or remotely on a regular basis.”

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