JR Q&A: SummerSlam vs. WrestleMania, Hogan/WM30


Jim Ross has updated his Q&A on his website. Here are some highlights…

Did he watch Nitro during the Monday Night War?: “I was generally busy with RAW and was at best a casual viewer. I had a great deal on my plate in those days.”

On How Social Media has affected pro wrestling: “Not sure how much it has actually ‘changed’ the business but there is much more info out there to digest and much of it is simply gossip and innuendo. I don’t think that the IWC has helped or harmed the wrestling business. Times have changed in all walks of life, sports, entertainment, etc. ”

On if Hulk Hogan can wrestle at WrestleMania: “Hulk has a horrible back condition, his in ring work would be SO limited that I feel it would sadden his fans to see what he’s become in his later years in all due respect. I’m not even sure that he could pass a WWE physical. But he doesn’t have to wrestle to be a huge part of WM30, IMO”

On why WWE doesn’t have more Japanese wrestlers: “I feel that the lack of them being able to speak English hinders them a great deal. Most of the great Japanese stars stay in Japan these days. I haven’t watched Japanese wrestling to any degree in a long while.”

On Gina Carano fighting Ronda Rousey: “The match would be super and a financial hit but I think Gina is done with MMA. I hope that I’m wrong.”

On which PPV Is Bigger: SummerSlam or Royal Rumble: “Summer Slam has seemingly gotten bigger but the Rumble is my favorite PPV match.”

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