JR Reveals If Steve Austin Is Tired Of Wrestling, ‘Taker


Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on his official website. He talked about Here are highlights:

On if Steve Austin isn’t interested in wrestling anymore: “You couldn’t be more wrong. Steve loves the wrestling business and the fans. Just showing up to make an obligatory appearance on RAW makes no sense. There needs to be a reason to be there and when all the creative forces converge I’m sure that he will be making the occasional appearance. He is busy…he has a new job…some fans simply don’t get it. Hopefully you ‘re not one of them.”

On if The Undertaker will be at Wrestlemania XXX and if it will be his last match: “Don’t know about last ride, retirement, etc but I do think that Taker wrestles at WM30 in New Orleans. Opponent to be determined. ”

On The Miz’s 24-hour IC title reign: “No issues here…it made for some unpredictable TV. I hope the IC Title is made to be more important.”

On NXT Divas Paige & Summer Rae getting called up: “When the two ladies you spoke of are ready they will be called up. I think both need more time in NXT. Life on the road is hard and takes preparation. Let’s allow them to improve and better prepare for the grueling road schedule that awaits them. There is no hurry.”

If you’re interested, you can read the full Q&A section by clicking here.

As we noted earlier here on the website, Jim Ross also updated his official blog with his thoughts on the obnoxious fans at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and more. Here are highlights:

On obnoxious fans at the WWE HOF ceremony: “The loud and obnoxious yelling and taunts from some attention starved morons put a damper on the evening especially when Maria Menounos was inducting Bob Backlund. The same stereotypes that many fans detest that are unfairly, at times, hung on them from the main stream media was well deserved by a handful of tools who just had to be heard and noticed. I wish security was stationed in the cheap seats and would quickly escort those obnoxious fans away from the event. One wold think that a ‘real fan’ would have more respect for the overall event than to cause so many negative disturbances. I’m all for fans cheering and having fun but off color remarks from the peanut gallery isn’t warranted at an event such as the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.”

On hunting with Shawn Michaels: “My hog hunting adventure with @ShawnMichaels for his TV show will be taped in May at HBK’s ranch. We’ll be using crossbows will be a new experience for me. We harvest these over populated, destructive animals and then we have an official JR’s BBQ to enjoy our, hopeful, success.”

On the bright future of NXT: “It was an awesome experience for many of the NXT talents to be able to come to WM29 and compete at AXXESS. I loved their infectious enthusiasm and the fact that they looked, as they should, at that opportunity with great anticipation and excitement. The feedback was excellent and it’s once again proof that the WWE Developmental Program has never been in better shape but, trust me, the best is yet to come. I’m really proud of the coaches and athletes in NXT and feel honored to be able to work with them in any capacity … In my view, WWE has no more important department in the entire company than the Talent Development Program because that’s where the WrestleMania main eventers of tomorrow will be developed.”

If you’re interested, you can read the full blog by clicking here.

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