JR’s Products Still On WWEShop + WWE Attendance #’s


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— Jim Ross recently posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account confirming that his JRs BBQ products will still be available on the WWE Shop website ………. for now. JR wrote:

“JR’s products still available online at http://WWEShop.com & at http://americansoda.co.uk . Nothing’s changed & I still appreciate support.”

— The following are some recent WWE attendance figures:

–September 6th in Montreal drew 6,000 fans for $300,000

–September 7th in East Rutherford, NJ drew 7,700 fans for $360,000

–September 7th in Windsor drew 3,300 fans for $130,000

–September 8th in Brooklyn drew 7,000 fans for $380,000

–September 8th in Hamilton drew 3,600 fans for $130,000

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