​JR’s WrestleMania 30 Predictions, RVD/Chong Podcast


— As of this writing, there is still no official release date for the WWE
Studios’ “See No Evil 2” film. As previously reported, WWE Superstar Kane is
featured in the starring role.

— Actor Tommy Chong was today’s featured guest on Rob Van Dam’s “RVD Live”
podcast. The show is available at this link.

— During an interview on Tuesday with NOLA.com, WWE Hall of Famer gave his
predictions for several WrestleMania 30 matches. Here are some of his
predictions for the top matches:

* John Cena defeats Bray Wyatt but Wyatt will have a “big WrestleMania
moment” during the match.
* The Undertaker defeats Brock Lesnar to keep the
streak alive.
* Daniel Bryan defeats Triple H and then goes on to win the WWE
World Title in the main event.

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