​JR: WWE May Want To Re-Evaluate Using Extreme Rules


Jim Ross has updated that Q&A section of his website. Check
out the highlights:

On Daniel Bryan running from Kane on RAW: “I
can only assume that DB running away was to protect his wife as I don’t know any
other reasonable explanation.”

On his relationship with Eric Bischoff: “My
relationship with Eric is good and I will be interviewing him on a Ross Report
podcast soon. I think that he’s moved on to other things from pro

On whether WWE should have put the US Title on
“No…Rusev is too green to carry a championship match and
needs to remain on a deliberate pace with constant coaching to allow him to grow
into a star. He has potential and I like the package with Lana.”

On Extreme Rules not being particularly
“In a PG world it is increasingly difficult to be “Extreme.”
It might be time to re-evaluate that theme within WWE.”

On a CM Punk return to WWE: “I don’t see CM
Punk returning to WWE any time soon, if ever. He’s enjoying life and there is
life outside and beyond wrestling.”

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