JTG Frustrated With WWE + Wade Barrett’s Return Hyped


–As seen last night with his tweets, JTG is pissed off with WWE these days and doesn’t care if he’s fired or not. He’s one of many who want to speak out but don’t in fear of getting the axe. Things finally boiled over last night at RAW where he basically said “enough is enough, I’m done with this sh*t”. He’s not the only one either, We’re going to have a major exclusive update on this later today.

— WWE aired a vignette on RAW promoting the return of Wade Barrett. Barrett, who was shown sporting a beard, Barrett proclaimed that he had to go back to his roots in underground fighting to rediscover himself.

Barrett has been sidelined since the February 20 RAW; he suffered a partially dislocated elbow while catching Dolph Ziggler, who was thrown out of the ring by Big Show during a battle royal. During his time away from the ring, Barrett shot a supporting role in the WWE Studios film Dead Man Down. He will return to action beginning Thursday for SmackDown’s two-show tour of Tokyo, Japan at Ryogoku Kokugika.

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