JTG Goes On Twitter Rant – Blasts WWE + Lesnar/Ryback


— As noted earlier, rumors are floating that Brock Lesnar and Ryback got into a physical altercation at RAW Monday afternoon. The rumor is that the two got after each other during a rehearsal for Lesnar’s segment tonight. We posted the report earlier tonight. Just to confirm, sources at the show say that nothing like that happened and there was no confrontation, physical or otherwise.

— Rarely seen WWE Superstar JTG posted a series of cryptic messages on Twitter suggesting that he is unhappy with his standing in the sports entertainment organization. The Cryme Tyme member founder wrote Sunday evening, “Make decisions based on your worth, not your circumstance!” I wish some one told me this 2 years ago.”

He continued Monday night, “The camels back just BROKE ! I had enought of this.

“As a pro athlete,Im tired of me and my lockerroom brothers being taken advantage of . Fans have no idea what we go through.#itsanillusion

“Yea I said it.

“Nobody wants to speak up, everybodys afraid of losing their job or getting taken off TV.”

No word on exactly what prompted the rant yet but that’s not going to make management happy. It almost appears as if he doesn’t care if he gets fired for it. Hmmm.

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