​JTG Says “Vince McMahon Respects Balls & Confidence”, Racism In WWE?, & More


Former WWE Superstar JTG recently appeared on Jim Ross’ “The Ross Report” podcast and discussed his WWE release, how Cryme Tyme were hired by Vince McMahon and more. Here are some highlights:

JTG on there being different rules for black pro wrestlers and white pro wrestlers in the WWE: “From my experience working with the WWE and seeing the history, I’m going to go ahead and say ‘yeah’ because as of right now, I haven’t seen a wrestler that identifies as black as the WWE Champion and there’s no reason for that. They say that The Rock is black, and, yes, he is black, but he’s not identified as black. He’s more identified as Samoan. And we’ve had black wrestlers who definitely could have been WWE Champion, but we still haven’t had one to this day and I’d love to know why.”

JTG on how he and Shad Gaspard got hired by Vince McMahon: “Shad and I were actually on local television in OVW. We were on local television. We were the Southern Tag Team Champions and Al Snow and Paul Heyman were writing the shows and they told us to do a couple of vignettes because we were wrestling every week. They said, ‘do a couple of vignettes [and] get yourself over. You don’t have to do a match every week to get yourself over [or] win a match.’ So we did some vignettes and those vignettes were hysterical and those got back to Vince and that’s what got us hired [by WWE], those vignettes.” JTG added, “Vince never even saw me wrestle. He just saw those vignettes and I was told I was hired right after those videos.”

JTG on his relationship with Vince McMahon: “Definitely, one thing I do realize with Vince is that he respects balls and he respects confidence. [in] my relationship with the McMahons, I felt very comfortable with them. If I had an issue, I would just knock on his door or if I saw him on his phone, I would [ask], ‘hey, how are you doing, boss? Can I chat with you for a sec?’ It was that type of relationship, but it was always business.”

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