Tuesday, May 28, 2024
NewsJudge Turns Down Hulk Hogan's Request For Injunction

Judge Turns Down Hulk Hogan’s Request For Injunction

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The Associated Press reports that United States District Judge James Whittemore has turned down Hulk Hogan’s request for a preliminary injunction against Gawker.com and other defendants that would have forced them to remove their review and clips of Hogan’s sex tape with Heather Clem.

Whittemore said that Hogan had “failed to show that immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage” would happen if the material was not removed before the defendants could respond to the court and argue against the injunction. A hearing on the injunction is set for November 8 at 3 PM in Tampa. All sides will argue the motion and the judge will make a final ruling.

Hogan has until October 31 to file any additional material he has on the issue. The defendants have until November 2 to file affidavits. The hearing will not be open to the public.

This obviously isn’t going to make Hogan happy as the sex tape preview stays online for now.

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