Juice Robinson On What He Learned In Dusty Rhodes’ Promo Classes


New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star Juice Robinson recently took part in a media call to help promote the NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco. Here are some of the highlights:

What he learned from Dusty Rhodes: “Dusty would always just preach being real. For me he would always tell me to be myself and not to worry don’t think about lines or this or that just know the direction and how you feel it’s more about why you feel that way. He would always say it’s the why not the how. Why do I feel this way? Why am I mad at Jay [White]? My hand’s broken, why?

“Not how am I going to show everybody how I feel but it’s why do I feel this way. If you think about why you do it then you’re gonna be… it doesn’t matter what you say because you’re saying the right thing. You don’t have to think about your words, it’s gonna come out right. He would always say speak from the heart and I would get a feeling when I cut a good promo and I would know it and you’d be locked in the zone you know when you cut a good promo it just like rolling off your tongue. Then he would reassure me, ‘okay yeah that’s a good promo.’”

NXT’s promo class: “I did the math I did like a Gone With The Wind length in promos during my time in WWE developmental. I mean you think about it two minutes, three minutes a week and I was there four years for two-hundred some weeks. Ah, there were so many times on those Wednesday mornings, cold in front of the camera trying to think of ideas and make up fake stories and just try to feel. It’s all about feeling. That’s all it’s about that’s all he would ever say, it’s just about feeling.

“If you feel it and you believe it then the fans are gonna feel it and the fans are gonna believe it and if it’s real in your head and you make it real in your head and your heart it’s gonna come out through your eyes and your face and the words are gonna flow.” That’s the kinda stuff that he would say and that’s the kinda stuff that he would preach and that’s the kinda stuff I’ll always remember. It wasn’t just how you do it A, B, C, D. Everybody does it a little different, everybody’s gonna you know talk a little different. What works best for you but the core of it is feeling it and believing it.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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