Justin Credible Found Passed Out At Extreme Reunion


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Here are some backstage news and notes from last night’s Extreme Reunion event:

— The show started 30 minutes late due to loads of last-minute creative changes.

— The building was sold out with about 2,400 fans.

— The fans chanted “This show sucks” and “End the show” after intermission. They also chanted “F*ck you Shane” at Shane Douglas during the main event.

— Jerry Lynn vs. Devon Storm stole the show. There were loud “Thank You Jerry, Thank you Crowbar” chants.

— Several women in the crowd were flashing their boobs.

— Sabu didn’t appear at the Extreme Reunion fan convention before the show. That’s when people became worried and went to his hotel room where they found him passed out. We’ve obtained a photo of Sabu passed out in his hotel room on Saturday. Reports that Sabu has passed away are completely false. He’s currently hospitalized and will remain there tonight.

— Justin Credible was kicked out from backstage after he was reportedly found passed out.

— Fans were throwing trash in the ring to end the show.

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