Justin Roberts Compares His Time In WWE To An Abusive Marriage & Comments On If He Will Ever Return


Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts is speaking out on his ex-company once again. Roberts has compared his last stint with the company to an abusive marriage while speaking to with the Daily Herald in Illinois.

Here are a few excerpts from the conversation:

“It’s a love story, in a weird way; like, my marriage to WWE. My very abusive marriage.”

Roberts On JBL:

“A lot of people in the company, the upper management, have a bully mentality. I hope in speaking out and being honest, it makes a difference. I hope (WWE) becomes a better place for the people there now. I spoke out not to go after the company, but to bring awareness to certain issues.”

On If He Will Ever Return To WWE:

“Absolutely not. I was able to live my dream. I couldn’t even fathom this as a kid, I had a good run but I wasn’t treated well by upper management and I wouldn’t want to put myself through that again.”

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