Justin Roberts: “I’m Not Looking To Get JBL Fired”


The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling interviewed former WWE announcer, Justin Roberts. Below are some of the highlights (transcript via WrestlingInc.com).

Roberts on the response to his book: “It’s been great. It really has been 100% positive which is awesome because that was the idea. I wanted to put out something that I could be happy with and it took a long time before I was happy with what was there so once it was what I had wanted then it went out and I’m glad that people are reading it and I’m glad that people are liking it. They understand that it is a true story so it is not anything that I am twisting and I’m not taking any stories and making them more entertaining it is just how my story played out.”

Roberts on how his book played into the current situation between Mauro Ranallo and JBL: “Obviously what I talk about in my book is what happened for sure to me. It is not anything that is speculation or something that may or may not have happened it is what I went through and everything I put in there is legit and everything that I said happened, happened. I wasn’t putting it in there to kick up dust and now years later with this being my story and with the speculation of what’s going on with Mauro and JBL and what may or may not be and because of that it ties into the fact that I talk about everything I went through.”

Roberts on the difference for the locker room environments’ eras: “In that era and culture as far as the locker room enforcer and all of that and his cabinet (JBL had a “Cabinet” on TV) and he had one behind the scenes and they made life hell for me. It wasn’t good natured fun ribbing it was hell for a long time. That could have easily been stopped by management because management was well aware of what was going on and it wasn’t because management there would not say we don’t allow that it was more like (laughing) that is great and the story I tell about my passport being taken out of my bag and getting stuck in England when I came back, I came back to Vince McMahon making a joke about it because he loves that kind of ribbing. To him, that is just ribbing. He doesn’t care what it does and how it affects people.

“As far as the locker room enforcer like a JBL-type with a ‘Cabinet’. I don’t think that goes on anymore. Because that was in 2003 and I talk in the book about when Tommy Dreamer came in and how it was just a different group of people and how things really changed but at the same time where people are talking about ‘Fire JBL’, I am not looking to get JBL fired and firing won’t do anything because they have fired guys in the past just to take the heat off the company for a short time so basically that is just the culture there. There is a bullying culture and bullying mentality from upper management and it goes all the way down from upper management and that does go on in many different forms. The constant threat of heat is something that is real and upper management uses that all the time to keep people in line and that is something that still goes on.”

Roberts on how perception has changed for Triple H to the internet wrestling fan: “This was a guy who was making fun of the Indy guys that now he takes pictures with. All of a sudden and now that they (WWE) realize that the football players and some of these guys that don’t know anything about wrestling that they were hiring for the Performance Center when they saw that wasn’t going so well they just turned to the guys that were already over and that way it made him look good to the internet and the internet has accepted him because he is running with the guys that the internet pushes. He was never for that in the past and all of a sudden is a different guy.”

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