Juventud Guerrera

Juventud Guerrera Reacts to Winning the WWE Cruiserweight Title, Working with Rey Mysterio


During a new interview with Jordan Garber NOW, Juventud Guerrera reacted to winning the WWE Cruiserweight title, facing Rey Mysterio, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On working with Rey Mysterio: “A lot of chemistry and a lot of friendship. At the end, it all started to become a reality not just inside of the ring but outside of the ring. But those things just don’t happen in wrestling. They happen anywhere.”

On winning the WWE Cruiserweight title: “A title is a major thing for any wrestler. So for me to hold on to that precious gold was a tremendous glory because everyone wants to and I am grateful God gave me this opportunity to be a champion and perform at the most major level.”

On wrestlers learning different styles and what some promotions need to do differently: “It’s interesting and it is one of the things that keep me alive. I just wish some companies had more talent. It’s like politics with whatever you have, and you do wrestling with whatever you have. I wish there was a different stipulation where you have a license as a wrestler. Not just go in the F* ring and call yourself a wrestler.”

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