Kairi Sane Dealing With Viral Infection


Former WWE NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane is currently fighting a viral infection. She made the news known in a recent Twitter post by stating that she is currently dealing with hand, foot, and mouth disease.

“Hand-foot-and-mouth disease, or HFMD, is caused by a virus. Symptoms include ulcers, or sores, inside or around the mouth, and a rash or blisters on the hands, feet, legs, or buttocks. And while it’s not pleasant, it also isn’t serious.”

She posted the following:

“The fever has gone down, but now my hands, feet and mouth have a mysterious eczema… Ouch you go to the hospital with it? (even in the United States, hand, Foot and Mouth Disease) It is a disease that infants under 5 years old have been examined. Why did the virus enter my body by mistake? Lol”

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