KAIRI Talks About The Differences Between Wrestling In STARDOM & WWE


STARDOM wrestler KAIRI – formerly Kairi Sane in WWE – has opened up on the differences in working for both promotions.

KAIRI defeated Mayu Iwatani to become the inaugural IWGP Women’s Champion in the main event of the STARDOM/New Japan Pro Wrestling crossover pay-per-view Historic X-Over.

Here is what she had to say during a recent interview:

“In particular, I felt… the card isn’t fixed until the day of. It’s really right up until we go on air. If you know the card beforehand, you can put it together or plan out a strategy, right?

“But if you only find out on the day of, [they don’t] announce the card, not even to the fans. You find out when you get there. That is why, you can’t practice or prepare for your opponent’s moves. I was the kind to plan everything out. There were people you were facing for the first time, too. And it was all done live. Moreover, you had a time limit. You couldn’t go over time. In Japan, you need to publicize the matches.”

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