Kalisto Opens Up On Advice That He Received From Rey Mysterio


Kalisto was a recent guest on the Steve Austin Show podcast where he talked about a variety of topics including the advice that he has received from Rey Mysterio. Here is what Kalisto said (quote below via Fightful)

“He’s telling me ‘keep grinding, no matter what. Keep trying to make some noise and make people turn their heads.’ That’s exactly what I’m doing with Lucha House Party. Right now, we’re having fun with the noisemakers and piñatas. And you want action? We’ll give you action. I’m always telling Rey, ‘What do you think of my match?’ And he’s like, ‘You did good. Just keep grinding and keep doing you.’ That meant a lot to me coming from him.”

“He’s always telling me, ‘One day we’ll do something.’ It’s really nice to hear his words and the inspiration and motivation he’s giving me.”

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