Kamala Shoot Released, Dixie Carter Speaks Out, Tessmacher


— Here is the latest edition of “TNA Today” featuring TNA President Dixie Carter:

— Here is an interview with Brooke Tessmacher at Comic-Con:

— Boston Wrestling sent out the following today‚Ķ


The tremendous, in-studio three hour documentary style Kamala Studio Shoot Interview is on-sale for only $10 plus s/h for a limited time in our continued efforts to raise money and awareness about Kamala’s medical situation, having both legs amputated and the insurance company only willing to pay for a left leg. He cannot walk, he cannot drive, he cannot work, he has no income, and his wife was recently paid off.

This past Sunday, we had MWF CARES DAY that was already planned before learning of Kamala’s issues. We were able to include him in the event, but along with the wrestling community, we MUST do more!! The superstars and legends that couldn’t take two seconds to hit “Re-Tweet” to get the word out was disgusting and broke the mans hearts. Let’s show non-fans the GOOD we can do and help Kamala out!!

Order this three hour DVD with an emotional story you won’t soon forget – find out why Kamala wishes he never got involved in wrestling to begin with.


Here’s a list of just some of the topics discussed!!


Even if you can’t afford $10 for the DVD, please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media – Kamala needs our help!!




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