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Kamille Explains Why She Isn’t A Fan Of The Forbidden Door Concept, Mentions Jade Cargill



During a recent appearance on the Battleground Podcast, NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille explained what she doesn’t like about the “Forbidden Door” concept while also commenting on a potential match against AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill.

Kamille thinks the Forbidden Door can be an overused concept: “That would definitely interest me. To be honest, and this might be controversial or people think I’m crapping on stuff, I’m not the biggest fan of the forbidden door and how open it’s been lately. Contracts are contracts for a reason. people should stay at companies for a reason. If not, why have contracts? If everyone can go everywhere. It’s been taken away the specialness of [appearing for a different company] when it happens. I wish we’d pull back a little bit and everyone stay at the company for a little while. Then, imagine, something like that if no one has been switched around for a while, how big a deal it would be because I do get all the time ‘Kamille and Jade, that’s what I want to see.’”

A match against Jade Cargill would also be interesting since both come from collegiate sports and have a similar mentality: “How would I fare against her? I think I’d fare very well. She played college basketball, I played college softball. We have that athlete’s mindset to win and do whatever it takes to win. It’d be an interesting matchup and I definitely think people would be tuning in to watch.”

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