Kane Appears On FOX Business, Perceptions Of Wrestling, More


Source: PWInsider

Glenn Jacobs appeared on the Fox Business Network show The Independents and he explained how he became a Libertarian because he was able to embrace issues on both sides. Glenn talked about the people who have influenced him. He was asked about running for political office. He says never say never, but right now, no. He says that as tough as he is, it takes a tough person to run for office. He might consider a run for office in the future.

Glenn is asked his favorite wrestling memory and he mentions wrestling the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and beating Steve Austin for the WWE Title. He was asked if there are any misconceptions about professional wrestling. He says that some people may consider wrestlers not the brightest, but he mentions that a lot of people have college educations and played professional sports.

Glenn was asked if other wrestlers may share his political beliefs. He mentions that he is an independent contractor and when you write a check to the IRS, you find religion. He says that libertarianism appeals to many because that is the way that they lead their lives.

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