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NewsKane Denies Ever Using Steroids

Kane Denies Ever Using Steroids



WWE legend and Knox County Mayor-elect Glenn “Kane” Jacobs did an interview with the Knox County News Sentinel.

Kane was asked about some accusations being made against him by Al Thompson, the founder of Protect Our Youth from Steroids (POYS). Several letters were sent out to multiple media outlets suggesting Kane was once involved in “rampant steroid use.”

Thompson’s claims suggested “Jacobs was perfectly fine with, for many years, surrounding himself with steroid users plus illicit drug and steroid dealers every day while on tour … Jacobs’ duties, as I understand it, will include some oversight over law enforcement in Knox County.”

Here is Kane’s response:

“I think that’s very bad. I’m a bit of a health nut, and I just think it’s just really bad. No, I’d never do that.”

Thompson also suggested that Jacob’s “Kane” stage name should be listed as a campaign donation. He continued to attempt to link Jacobs to steroid use by noting he received a $6,000 campaign donation from Vince and Linda McMahon:

“Well, one of (those donations) was from the administrator of the Small Business Administration of the United States (McMahon’s wife, Linda),” Jacobs said.

“So, I’m pretty proud of that … it’s always nice when someone from the President’s Cabinet supports your political endeavor. I’m just very happy and proud to have their support, that’s what matters to me.”

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